Donohoe Drinks Company has Experience

Donohoe Drinks Company has a wealth of in-house experience and expertise in product formulation and NPD.

When you approach us with a concept or an existing recipe or formula, you can be assured that our highly motivated Research & Development teams are on hand to advise, assist and develop your idea into a working product. They can also assist with the re-development of an established brand, the growth of line extensions or develop altogether diverse brand concepts.

We currently bottle products in containers ranging in volume from 40ml to 4500ml, using both proprietary and industry standard bottles.

Our labelling technology can facilitate front, back, neck and shoulder placements. Specialist, designer and exclusive pressure sensitive self adhesive or manual labelling and seals, are also possible.

Bottle closure methods are as varied as the bottle types, sizes and shapes in which the liquid is filled. We can cater for very many closures systems. These include stelcaps, cork and capsules, screw caps or stelvin caps and pilfer proofing.

Using the latest technology, each beverage is manufactured and processed under the expert guidance of our plant managers, quality managers and line operations personnel.

Donohoe Drinks manufacturing processes and procedures are carefully monitored and documented. All ingredients and products, new or existing go through a meticulous systematic pre- and post- production analysis for quality, stability, etc. Our clients can have complete confidence in the beverages that go on the shelf and that are ultimately purchased by the consumer.

Product CategoriesSpirits, Liqueurs, Ciders, Beers, Soft Drinks and Mixers

Irish Whiskey specialists
Suspension Spirits
Proprietary, Trademark & Franchised Liqueurs
Generic & Own Label Liqueurs
Irish Cream Liqueurs
Flavoured Liqueurs e.g. Chocolate, Coffee, Crème, Fruit, etc.
Herbal Liqueurs / Bitters
Suspension Liqueurs
Irish Coffee Makers
Other Spirit Based Drinks